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  • 5 Types of Engineering Hauling Equipment Used in Construction

    5 Types of Engineering Hauling Equipment Used in Construction

    By  Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 05 May 2020

    The fleet managers in construction have to transport heavy and oversized loads, which is not at all an easy task. Unless they use the right haulage equipment, they could easily end up harming themselves. But with the hauling engineering equipment, hauling heavy and large loads become easier for construction.

    A huge variety of hauling equipment is involved in construction purposes, and five of them deserve a special note. Let us throw some light on the five important hauling equipment in engineering.


    There is a tower-like framework on the cranes equipped with pulleys and cable. These are used for uplifting the materials and ground objects. Either the cranes remain ground fixed or are truck-mounted in construction. The operators can operate the cranes from the crane attached control station cab and even using the radio-type controls. 
    The basic crane is the mobile crane which comprises a steel truss or telescopic boom mounted on a mobile platform. The hydraulic cylinders and cables can lower or raise the boom as it is hinged at the bottom.


    Bulldozers are perfectly equipped with the dozer blade. These are too powerful machines. Because of their size, the bulldozers have superior ground mobility. It is good to use them in rough terrains as these can well maintain their functionalities. There are wide tracks that enable the machine to distribute the weight of the dozer over large areas, so the machine does not sink into sand or muddy grounds.A bulldozer is designed with torque driver abilities and ground hold; these features are good for converting the power of the engine to dragging capabilities. So, the bulldozers can suitably use their weight for pushing down and removing objects from the ground. That is why the bulldozers are perfect for removing debris and shrubbery.


    Forklifts are even called forklift truck that is power-packed industrial equipment meant for lifting and transporting numerous materials and objects using the steel forks attached below the load.  The typical use of the forklifts is moving the equipment and loads stored in pallets. Counterbalance is a commonly used forklift. 


    The movements of the hydraulic excavators take place through hydraulic fluid transfer.  Excavators are used in residential areas at the time of digging.  Compact excavators fit everywhere, so these are widely used in many construction projects. These machines have several attachments like breakers, augers, clamps, and compactors that complete the hauling equipment.

    5.Dump Trucks

    The dump trucks work in transporting the loose material, which includes gravel and sand to suit the construction purpose. A convention dump truck has an attached hydraulically controlled open-box bed hinged at the truck’s back, and the box’s front lifts allowing the contents of the box to easily fall out. The subcategories of the dump trucks are transfer dump trucks, off-road dump trucks, and semi-trailer trucks.

    For any construction, the engineers have to take care of several requirements, and haulage is not uncommon. Haulage is complete only when the exact instruments are used. Each hauling equipment in engineering plays its part to aid the engineers and operators.

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