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Mechanical, Structural & Hydraulic Engineering Services offered By Fernandes & Associates

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Mechanical Design Services in Brisbane, QLD

We have been providing mechanical engineering design services since 1993. Our engineers can provide mechanical engineering design solutions for your projects.

How can we assist you?

Our mechanical engineering designers can produce models, designs, and drawings to assist you with efficient fabrication using our latest 3D analysis and modelling tools.

Mechanical Engineer

Our deliverables include:

  • Product design manuals
  • Design capacity tables
  • Machine drawings
  • Structural drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Workshop/fabrication drawings
  • Concept designs
Why Choose Us?

At Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd, we provide high quality & cost-effective, computer-aided mechanical engineering design and drafting services. Our professional staff have the necessary training, experience, skills, and resources for delivering optimum design solutions.

How Are We Different in the Industry?

Ever since the inception of our organization, we have provided our cost-effective mechanical engineering design and drafting services to businesses throughout Australia, Queensland, and particularly Brisbane.

Being a leader in the field of engineering consultancy, we have never failed to fulfill the needs of our valued clientele with quality designs and fast turnarounds. Our engineering design services are well equipped to meet the varied needs of our customers as well as work on intricate & distinctive projects. Our resources for engineering design services include state-of-the-art structural engineering software packages, general engineering packages, and CAD applications to ensure high quality, professional and successful outcomes.

By choosing the mechanical design and drafting services provided by Fernandes & Associates, you can be assured that you are benefitting from the use of high-quality design and analyses tools by highly experienced and skilled practitioners.

Our Specialities -

Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd provide a wide range of CAD drafting services for supporting engineering design and documentation of projects which include –

  • Product design and installation manuals
  • Product design capacity tables
  • Conceptual sketches and drawings
  • Schematic diagrams and layout drawings
  • 3D Modelling and visualizations

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