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  • 5 Ways Through Which Engineers Can Help In Material Selection

    5 Ways Through Which Engineers Can Help In Material Selection

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 19 Mar 2024

    In the 21st century, the entire world is getting under the sway of sustainability and it is culminating in adoption of the green practices across the different industry verticals. When it comes to building material selection, sustainability is the main concern of the business owners who are dominating the construction industry as a whole. Here the consulting engineers from Brisbane come to the rescue and offer significant insights on the section of sustainable material selection. Need guidance on how consulting engineers can aid you in making this journey of eco-friendly material selection easier than ever? Let’s have a look at this blog to get acquainted with the best practices through which consulting engineers can promote sustainability.

    Step-by-step procedure through which structural engineers promote eco-friendly material selection

    As per recent statistical data, the construction industry is accountable for 25% to 40% of CO2 emissions. Plus, it is a subtle hint that the construction is still lagging when it is concerned about the choice of environment-friendly building materials. Here in this section of this blog, we are going to shed light on five major steps that the best consulting engineers of Brisbane follow to promote the selection of sustainable building materials.

    ● Assessment of the life cycle-

    One of the initial steps that lead towards sustainable material selection is a meticulous assessment of the life cycle that moves from extraction to disposal. The consulting engineers of Brisbane leverage the life cycle assessment tool for comparing the materials and choosing the one that has minimal to almost no impact on the environment.  

    ● Optimisation of the design-

    Besides the assessment, the structural engineers are eminent for their expertise in modifying the design of the structure so that it needs a minimal amount of building materials. Forget about the DIY methods or quack attempts, when engineers place trust in FEA for stimulating and shaping the structural behaviour.   

    ● Usage of renewable resources-

    Instead of chemical-infused building materials, the consulting engineers rely on wood, hemp and bamboo based on the design of the building to strike a balance between durability and sustainability.

    ● Considering the local context-

    Local aspects are also crucial for a construction project as the engineers come up with a plan after evaluating climate, culture and governmental regulations. Basically, the consultation with the engineers will help you understand the local architecture and aesthetics and accordingly complete the projects. Here you can be rest assured about the social acceptance of the project as that is aligned with the local requirements of that place.

    ● Strategic Education-     

    Last but not least, your consulting engineer with their expertise and years of hands-on experience can offer strategic knowledge to your stakeholders, clients and regulators and eliminate the hindrances that may cross the path of your project.      

    Material of the building plays a vital role in ascertaining the lifecycle of a structure and its careful choice can also lessen the impact on nature. Resorting towards the best consulting engineers in Brisbane, you can successfully keep the environmental contingencies at bay.  

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