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  • How Do Consulting Engineers Help Strengthen Structure Against Seismic Activities?

    How Do Consulting Engineers Help Strengthen Structure Against Seismic Activities?


    Consulting engineers play a critical role in the development of a structure. Structural engineers and consultants are hired to ensure the architectural design can be brought to life. But while doing this, they have to keep several factors in mind. One such factor is seismic activity. Seismic activities can put the stability of the structure at risk. Although Brisbane is not prone to seismic activities like Adelaide, the consulting engineers in Brisbane still pay special attention while building structures to ensure the structure remains safe in the face of seismic activities.

    They do it in several ways, such as:

    Solid Foundation:

    The foundation is the first thing that is constructed when building a structure. Building the foundation is quite important from a structural point of view. It owes support and stability to the structure, even in tough conditions such as seismic activity. The foundation is like the padding that reinforces the concrete structure even during seismic activities. Thus, all the structural and consulting engineers involved in the development process of structures in Brisbane ensure the foundation is built well.

    Seismic Dampers:

    The addition of seismic dampers is another addition to the structure, which helps to reinforce the structure during seismic activities. The seismic dampers are added to absorb and break up the seismic energy. Absorbing and breaking up the vibration and reducing stress protect the building against damages caused. They are added in specific spots to absorb the vibration, which can reduce the overall movement of floors, walls, and other elements. Structural and consulting engineers in Brisbane add to their preparedness for earthquakes so that the structure doesn’t sustain major structural damages.

    Strengthening Connection:

    Connection points in a structure can also be the weaklings. However, the addition of connections is critical to transferring the load. However, in the face of seismic vibration, these connections are vulnerable. They are open to failure and deterioration under the load exerted by seismic activities. This is why structural or consulting engineers in Brisbane stress reinforcing the connection of the structure. Through varied methods, be it welding, grouting, or any other, they strengthen these connection points to prevent any major structural damage and enhance resistance and load distribution.

    Retrofit Walls:

    When it comes to load transfer, walls play a key role. They help with the lateral load of the structure. However, in the face of seismic activities, these walls are vulnerable to cracking, buckling, and, in worst-case scenarios, collapsing. This can happen when the walls are made with low-quality building materials. Thus, first, the structural and consulting engineers in Brisbane ensured the structural material wasn’t compromised. Secondly, if the engineers think the walls are vulnerable to seismic load damage, they might add retrofit walls. These retrofit walls help to reinforce the wall against seismic vibrations. The retrofit walls increase the strength and support of the walls; they prevent major structural damage while increasing the vibration and energy dissipation capacity. The engineers can use any of the varied methods available to reinforce the wall, such as the addition of steel plates, fibre-reinforced polymers, or others. However, the method of retrofitting the walls can differ in different structures depending on the geometry of the walls in question.

    These are some of the many other ways the structural and consulting engineers engaged in building the structure help reinforce it against seismic activities. Although Brisbane is not prone to seismic activity,  structural and consulting engineers do it because of their preparedness against any such unforeseen occurrences and legislation. Most commercial buildings or structures inhabited by a lot of people should have earthquake-proofing methods installed to ensure the safety of structures and people.

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