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  • What Are The Early Signs Of Crane Damage And How To Fix Them?

    What Are The Early Signs Of Crane Damage And How To Fix Them?

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 03 Jan 2019

    Like any other automobile or machinery or any other piece of equipment, your crane needs scheduled maintenance to ensure its longevity and to keep it operating with efficiency. Purchasing an overhead crane is certainly a big investment, and you will definitely like to protect it for sure.

    In Brisbane and Queensland, you can find several consulting firms specialised in engineering and consulting solutions in the fields of structural and mechanical engineering, safety and the quality system. They provide a wide range of services ranging from mechanical engineering, structural engineering, hydraulics, manufacturing, hauling equipment engineering to crane inspection and repairs. Below guideline showcases the common issues associated with overhead cranes, read through to know all of them. Also get aware of the fact how you can prevent or mitigate those issues. To ensure the safe working of the crane, establish a regular inspection schedule for your overhead crane and joist.

    Damage To Wire Rope

    Wire rope damage is one of the most common problems that you can face with an overhead crane system. You can encounter several other crane wire rope problems, some of them are discussed below:

    1. Wire rope jumped out of the reeving system. 
    2. Broken or worn outside wires. 
    3. Reduction in rope diameter. 
    4. Corroded wires 

    One of the best ways to prevent the wire damage is to carry out inspection prior to each shift. If you see any early signs of damage then dispose of it immediately. If you get into a dilemma, then consider contacting professional crane repair service.

    Crane Skew And Alignment Issues

    If you find your crane out of alignment and is skewing as it travels down the runaway, it can create stresses and can cause serious damage to the entire crane system. These type of stresses lead to:

    1. Accidents
    2. Costly repairs
    3. Crane derailment
    4. Equipment downtime

    If this is the case, visit crane service provider, they will assist you that your overhead crane is in compliance with the allowable tolerances specified by The Crane Industry Council Of Australia.

    Wear To End Truck Wheels

    Overhead cranes consist of the end truck wheels that need frequent replacement, maintenance or adjustment. On daily usage, the wheels naturally wear down, so they need to be replaced frequently. If you notice that, wheel flanges or wheel bearings starts wearing or breaking down prematurely, then it is a sign that the crane is skewing. Do not wait any longer, contact service provider immediately.

    Electrification system Issues

    Crane operator often finds a contact interruptions issue between the collector and the conductor bars and this contact interruptions issue can lead to intermittent control problems. Also, on pendant controls and radio controls, the crane operator experiences that the push buttons and the levers getting stuck and becoming unresponsive. Here the control needs to be replaced or repaired to correct any issues with regards to buttons. Again, in another scenario, if you notice that overhead crane is blowing, then it signifies that you have a faulty circuit in the crane electrification system. If you find any issues associated with electrification system, get in touch with the service provider.

    Some of the crane problems have been discussed here in the guideline. If you find any of the problems defined above, do not hesitate to contact the service provider. Both in In Brisbane and Queensland, you can find many care service provider, select the service of the one you feel convenient.

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