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  • Difference Between Civil And Structural Engineers And Structural Engineer Types

    Difference Between Civil And Structural Engineers And Structural Engineer Types

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 10 Oct 2022
    To build any structure from building to bridges, you would need the help of an engineer. It is an engineer who is responsible for the soundness of the structure and ensuring it stays in good condition for years to come. Thereby, the role of an engineer is crucial to ensure the safety of the building. If you’re planning to build a building or any other construction structure, it goes without saying that you have to hire an engineering firm. There are a million types of engineers and engineering firms in Brisbane, Queensland. Then, what kind of engineer should you hire? A civil engineer or structural engineer? The role of these two engineers may seem similar, but in reality, they are much different from one another.

    Let’s delve deep into it to understand the difference between the job profile and their importance and per whom should you hire a civil or structural engineer in Brisbane, Queensland for the job.


    1. Civil Engineers

    A civil engineer is the kind of engineer who specialises in the design and maintenance of infrastructure. Civil engineers are tasked to partake in various construction projects namely building roads of highways, service lanes and airports etc. Some civil engineers also oversight construction projects and implementation and chalk out phases of construction. There are various sub-set of civil engineering like structural engineers, thus, an explicit civil engineer might not be needed in your project of infrastructure development in Brisbane, Queensland.

    2. Structural Engineers

    Structural engineers are civil engineers who work on infrastructural projects in both the private and public sectors. Roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage treatment systems are examples of such projects. There are various under-study within civil engineering. It includes structural, construction, traffic, wastewater, environmental engineering etc. Thereby, the role of structural engineers is crucial if you’re planning to build an infrastructural project in Brisbane, Queensland.

    3. Types of Structural Engineers

    Building infrastructure is a huge task that needs to be accomplished with perfection. Thus, there are different type of structural engineer who specialises in different sectors of infrastructural development. As per a structural engineer’s specialization, you can hire them to erect a structure in Brisbane, Queensland.
    Residential Arenas: A structural engineer who has expertise in residential space is usually hired to either construct or renovate a residential property in an area like Brisbane, Queensland. From loft conversion, home extension, home designing and many more services are extended by a residential structural engineer.
    Commercial Structural Engineers: The job profile of commercial structural engineers generally entails – the development of design, redesigning the interior, phasing out construction and more.
    Industrial Sector: In the industrial world, structural engineering is commonly associated with warehouses, factories, and other types of industrial developments. A structural engineer is almost always involved in infrastructure projects.
    Thus, as per your plan of construction and the type of infrastructure that you aim to develop, you can hire an engineer accordingly. No matter what type of infrastructure you are planning to build in any area like Brisbane, Queensland, hiring a structural engineer is crucial for the fulfilment of the project.
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