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  • Do Structural Engineers Check Structural Stability?

    Do Structural Engineers Check Structural Stability?

    By Fernandes 25 Mar 2021
    Structural stability, along with structural strength are very important considerations in the design of structures.
    Structural engineering is fundamental to the design of different types of infrastructures and buildings since it is used to ensure that the strength and stability of the infrastructure or building are within acceptable (safe) limits.  Structural engineering, a sub-discipline of either civil or mechanical engineering, is based on the laws of physics and properties of material.
    Over the years, computers have become important tools in solving structural analyses problems.  The physics in structural engineering has remained the same, but the tools have become more powerful.
    Structural engineers in Brisbane (and elsewhere) always check structural stability and strength to ensure that the buildings/infrastructures will not collapse when subjected to environmental or other in-service forces.

    Stability and Strength Definitions

    A building structure is defined as stable if it can resist applied loads without sliding, collapsing or overturning. 
    Conversely, a building structure is unstable if it slides, collapses or overturns when a load is applied to it. 
    Strength of a building structure is its ability to resist applied forces without incurring structural damage or collapsing.

    Structural Engineering Services in Brisbane

    Structural engineering services are available in Brisbane for different construction projects.  Large engineering firms in Brisbane usually provide their design services for multi-million dollars design projects, while the small to medium size engineering firms provide their services for smaller building projects.
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