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  • Factors Assessed By Forensic Structural Engineers To Uncover Reasons For Structural Failure?

    Factors Assessed By Forensic Structural Engineers To Uncover Reasons For Structural Failure?

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 09 Oct 2023

    Structures are meticulously built with a large number of people on board. Many people are engaged in the construction of a structure, from architects to structural engineers. As a result, the margin of error is extremely tiny, yet it is never zero. Structural failure can occur for a variety of causes. Human errors and environmental conditions can both contribute to a partial or total structural failure. When a structural failure does occur, forensic structural engineering services here in Brisbane are hired to uncover the reason behind structural failure. 

    Vibration Analysis:

    Vibration can compromise the structural stability of a building. Seismic waves can have a negative impact on a structure. Regular vibration can also have an effect on weak buildings. Vibration is induced by heavy vehicle movement, the operation of heavy equipment, and even building activities. As a result, forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane do vibration analysis to determine whether the structure is vibration sensitive.

    Stability Of Roof:

    A structure and inhabitants within it are protected from the elements thanks to the roof. However, a faulty roof might lead to deadly failure. This is why, when doing structural analysis, forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane assess the roof's stability. It is a critical parameter that must be evaluated in the event of structural breakdown.

    Water Damage:

    Constant exposure to water can make the walls of a building susceptible to water damage. Prolonged exposure to water can weaken the walls of the building causing structural failure. Thus, forensic engineering services in Brisbane when testing structural failure check for traces of water damage.

    Lateral Wind Pressure:

    The wind puts strain on buildings. The greater the lateral wind pressure, the taller the structure. During bad weather, this pressure can rise even higher. Later wind pressure on the structure is thoroughly examined by structural engineers. If the applied pressure exceeds the building's strength and stability, it might affect the structure. As a result, it is critical to assess the lateral influence of wind on structures.

    These are some of the factors checked by structural engineering services in Brisbane and elsewhere to determine the cause of structural collapse. Along with these various methodologies and criteria of investigation, one explanation for such tragedy is sought.

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