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  • Four Causes That Can Lead To Structural Failure

    Four Causes That Can Lead To Structural Failure

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 14 Dec 2022
    One of the most human phenomena that occur in accidents. Many things can go wrong and cause an accident. However, when an accident occurs on a construction site, it can result in fatal injuries for those who work there or live in the building. Most frequently, these accidents occur as a result of small mistakes that a supervisor frequently ignores. However, whenever a collapse or accident occurs on a construction site, structural engineers must conduct a forensic investigation to determine what went wrong. Numerous forensic structural engineering services are available in Brisbane to assist in determining what caused the failure. Most of the time, one of the four causes listed below is to blame:
    Fragile Foundation:
    Fragile foundations are one of the main causes of structural collapse. When the foundation is not properly supported, the entire structure is exposed to vibrations, natural disasters, and problems with the weight capacity. As a result, when a structure is still liable to collapse, it almost seems like a ticking time bomb. This is why structural engineers placed a strong emphasis on fortifying the structure's base or foundation to prevent such an unfortunate tragedy. According to numerous forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane, this is one of the main reasons for structural failure.
    Usage Of Sub-Standard Material:
    The use of inferior materials is another common cause of structural failure that has been identified by numerous forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane. When inferior materials are used, the structure becomes fragile. The use of sub-par materials that don't adhere to the requirements and standards of the building code can be very dangerous in the future. In such buildings, total collapse to partial collapse is more likely.
    Flaw In The Design:
    Although this is not among the most likely causes of structural collapse, it cannot be eliminated from the list of causes. Even though the design is subjected to numerous rounds of scrutiny by different authorities, construction only begins after receiving the all-clear. However, issues can arise. Even a small design flaw can result in the failure of a structure.
    Human Error:
    Human error is another reason for construction failures. Workers may still make mistakes even when using the proper materials, which could ultimately jeopardise the building's or structure's structural integrity. 
    These are some of the top causes investigated by forensic engineering services in Brisbane that can be helpful and responsible for causing structural failure. Knowing the leading causes of structural failure helps forensic structural engineering services to unearth the cause behind a particular structural failure. They can directly start investigating from the most probable cause and save time. If the cause is not one of the most probable causes, they can move on investigating the finer details.
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