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  • How The Project Scope Influences The Costs Of Forensic Engineering?

    How The Project Scope Influences The Costs Of Forensic Engineering?

    By Fernandes & Associates 23 Mar 2022
    Before commencing on a Forensic Engineering project, it is natural for the client would like to know how much it would cost.   For smaller projects, which does not involve 3rd party suppliers and investigators , it may be possible to provide the client with a fixed price quotation.
    For larger projects where various engineering disciplines, professionals and trades are involved it may be difficult to provide the client with accurate costs.  To work out a fixed price quotation or a budget cost for the project, the first thing to do is to define the scope. 
    The scope of a project defines the boundaries and limitations.  It determines the need for other suppliers and professional required to cover all aspects of the scope.  Other professionals and suppliers could involve geotechnical engineers (Fernandes & Associates does not provide geotechnical engineering services), testing bodies as required and some other miscellaneous trades and professions.
    Defining the Scope
    Very often the client will be able to clearly outline the scope.  In most cases the Consultant will have to work with the client to determine exactly the questions they would like answered.  Working with the client requires good c 
    Project costs are controlled by the defined project scope. For instance, when the clients have to make a determination of liability regarding an automobile accident, then they will question the speed at which the vehicle was travelling, whether the vehicle had crossed the centre line, or were the vehicle lights on when the collision has taken place. These are rather the specific instances when forensic structural engineering services in brisbane,queensland from the best engineering firm are needed.
    During the assignment, the engineering consultants will be providing the tool types description along with the investigative techniques required for answering these questions. For the discussed scenario, the available techniques could be the downloaded vehicle data recorder, collision site examination and examination of the automobiles involved.
    It is not conveniently reasonable for the consulting engineers to know all the actual answers as demanded by the client at the time of making assignments, still, they will know reasonably know the engineering works needed for answering these questions. At the time of responding to the fee estimate, the consulting engineer could make an appropriate cost according to the cost as per the time estimate, and fees aligned with the anticipated engineering tasks.
    Must the Project Be Separated Into Different Phases?
    For major forensic engineering it may help to break up the project into sequential stages.  The next stages may not start until the earlier stages goals are achieved.  The scope for each stage should be clearly defined.
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