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  • How To Make Home Energy Efficient With Renewable Energy Technology?

    How To Make Home Energy Efficient With Renewable Energy Technology?

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 03 Dec 2018

    The demand for energy-efficient buildings is increasing all around the world, and building of energy efficient home requires reduction of building energy consumption. Reducing energy use is utmost important, you can find several renewable technologies that are commercially available today can completely cover the consumption needs of the buildings, they are -photovoltaic (PV), combined heat and power generation, electric energy storage system. If you want to make your home energy efficient, consider contacting renewable energy expert, he will access your building and will install all the renewable technologies into your home. Below guideline showcases all the renewable technologies by which you can make your home energy efficient, go through and know about each of them, how they work and how they can benefit you.

    Photovoltaic (PV)

    Photovoltaic (PV), one of the renewable energy technology for buildings is currently leading the chart. It comes with a handful of benefits since solar energy is unlimited and is found everywhere. At the time of operation, it does not emit greenhouse gases or other pollutants. They work silently and needs very little maintenance. PV is a good fit for the buildings that have unused rooftop area. Also, PV technology can be used in the parking space, besides producing energy, they offer protection to cars and individuals from rain and sun.

    Combined Heat And Power Generation (CHP)

    Co-energy also called combined heat and power (CHP) is one kind of energy production system whose primary source is the heat and the electricity. CHP is a proven energy-efficient technology since it significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and increases the primary energy utilisation. CHP systems use the renewable technologies as the primary source, possible fuels included are the biogas and biofuel and geothermal for clean, low carbon footprint and electrical energy production. In this way, CHP assists in integrating renewable energies in buildings.

    Electric Storage System

    Electrical energy storage system allows storage of electric energy during the peak period and again use of that energy when the demand exceeds the production. In addition to that, electrical storage system comes up with multiple features and services which includes energy billing optimisation, voltage support and frequency energy support to the grid, power up the building’s electrical system at the time of power outages.

    Buildings that come integrated with all these energy renewable systems- photovoltaic system, CHP and other local energy resources offer real flexibility in providing services to the electric grid.

    Some of the popular renewable technology resources have been discussed above. In Brisbane, you can find several renewable energy experts, if you want to install renewable technologies at your home and want to make it energy efficient, contact professionals now. They will inspect your building and surrounding area and will make your home energy efficient.

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