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  • Structural Engineers Can Help You To Achieve A Waste Free Project

    Structural Engineers Can Help You To Achieve A Waste Free Project

    By Milton Fernandes 09 Feb 2018

    Whatever be the project, waste remains a problem, especially when it is construction related. Actually the overriding problem with waste is caused from the maintenance and asset management of buildings. When a building needs to be uprooted from the base (probably due to the end of its lifespan) there isn’t enough research done to choose selective demolition processes that could save part of the structure and reduce waste. This problem can be significantly dealt with the help of professional structural engineers in Queensland. Let's see how they can be helpful in creating a waste free project.

    Rethinking production and life cycle

    Despite continued efforts to reduce inefficiencies in the construction industry, excessive waste remains a problem. It is crucial to rethink production of components and systems that are inefficient to use from a resource and manufacturing technology standpoint. Thus, utlising advanced manufacturing technologies and prefabrication is the solution. And, here the structural engineers play a big role.

    When it comes to waste, people should also consider maintenance and asset management of the buildings. These often remain inadequate, and they rely on the limited data when monitoring the building’s condition. This becomes a major problem when the building is made of composite materials, and other complex building materials. Hiring a structural engineer can provide you plans to reduce waste and also they have the latest tool to deal with the process.

    Disassembly not demolition

    When it comes to reconstructing disassembly must be the key solution and not demolition. This means that each of the building materials can be easily detached and separated from the others. However, this is not always possible but you can definitely come closer to the objective with the help of the specialised engineers in Brisbane.

    Disassembling the building components allow them to be in good shape and thus, can be reused in your next projects. Therefore, you can also save a lot from buying constructional materials. This is why, most of the engineers who have knowledge on minimising waste prefer using steel, aluminium and copper in the building materials as much as possible. Concrete and brick can also be used as fillers in the project.

    Structural engineers are the ultimate administrator of a project as they are qualified enough to provide the best solutions.

    To know more about structural engineers, stay tuned to our blog space.

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