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  • The Role Of The Consulting Engineers In The Construction Industry.

    The Role Of The Consulting Engineers In The Construction Industry.

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 24 Aug 2021
    In some states in Australia, professional engineers who wish to provide engineering services in that state, must be registered/endorsed in that state.  In Queensland, professional engineers must be registered with the Board of Professional Engineers, Queensland (BPEQ) and in Victoria it is the Business Licensing Authority (BLA).  The engineersmust be registered in the specific fields of engineering they wish provide their services in (e.g. civil, electrical, mechanical, structural).

    Role of Consulting Engineers in the Construction Industry

    Consulting engineers can play a useful role in the construction industry, depending on their qualifications and experience.  Below are some of the roles that they could play. 

    1. Consultation

    Consultation with engineers is required when builders and project managers need adviceregardingtechnical engineering problemsbefore they proceed with their projects.

    2. Investigations

    Sometimes, before or during the construction phase, the builder or project manager may experience an unusual or unique problem for which there are no standard solutions available.  In such a case, the consulting engineer would have to carry out detailed investigations to find a satisfactory solution.  Detailed investigations could involve testing, detailed calculations or computer modelling using numerical techniques such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

    3. Feasibility Studies

    Engineers are commonly used to evaluate the technical feasibility of a proposed project.  Technical feasibility is focused on establishing whether the current resources andtechnology is adequatefor the completion of a project or whether additional resources and technology would be required.  The study also identifies potential problems and recommendations on how to overcome them and the estimated cost of the project.

    4. Engineering Designs

    Engineering designs convert ideas and concepts into something which can be constructed or manufactured.  The designs are presented in the form of engineering drawings and plans.

    5. Supervising of Construction work

    Some consulting engineers in Brisbane specialize in supervising the engineering aspects of construction projects or other types of projects.

    6. Expert Witness

    A consulting engineer can provide technical expertise to clients and lawyers on various engineering issues.
    Engineers are often seen as problem solvers.  The skills of engineers are varied depending on their training and experience.  Their solutions are basedon the principles of physics and mathematics.
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