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  • Things To Know About Fea Analysis Services

    Things To Know About Fea Analysis Services

    By Fernandes 25 Jan 2021
    FEA or finite element analysis is one of the essential numerical techniques to solve engineering issues. This method is used in different engineering fields like electromagnetics, machine design, acoustics, fluid dynamics, structural engineering, vibrations, thermal analysis and soil mechanics. In this blog, we are going to discuss major facts about FEA or finite element analysis.

    Applications of FEA analysis

    Nowadays, FEA analysis services are in great demand in Brisbane. Many reputable companies offer FEA analysis for several applications. These companies generally use FEA for:
    • Giving a complete structural analysis of any plate structure such as vessels, bins & chutes
    • Determining the fatigue & impact resistance of machinery components and semi components
    • Optimizing reducing component weights & material usage costs
    • Performing the structural analysis to determine compliance and safety to the Australian Standards and National Construction Codes 
    Basically, the finite element analysis is extensively used for addressing structural mechanics issues in automotive engineering, aerospace engineering and civil engineering. Apart from that, the mathematical principle of finite element analysis or FEA is also ideal in other areas, like CFD or computational fluid dynamics.

    What are the steps involved?

    Finite element analysis is a specialised technique used for structural analysis. It involves a number of steps. Steps include: 
    • Preparing the geometric model
    • Assigning the material properties, restraints and loads to the model
    • Building the finite elements of the model with the help of meshing
    • Fixing the problem
    • Analysing the results
    As compared to other steps, result analysis is the most difficult part. Through the FEA analysis, accurate data and results can be easily determined. Adequate interpretations of data and results mainly require simplifications and better understanding the assumptions.

    How can a company help with FEA?

    As compared to other analysing techniques, FEA analysis is technically advanced. Reputable structural analysing companies involve the application of finite element analysis and other advanced techniques. Experienced and professional engineers in Brisbane have a year of experience in this field. They also specialise in providing some advanced engineering software including
    • SpaceGass
    • SolidWorks Simulation
    • Strand7
    • PRFELB
    • PURLIN
    This software help to fix a specific issue depending on the complexity and to give an accurate solution. Apart from that, many engineering problems can be solved properly by using FEA analysis. 
    FEA or finite element analysis method is developed independently by the engineers in several engineering industries to address all types of structural mechanics problems. Professionals use advanced FEA software several physical prototypes to optimise many components in their designs for developing accurate products.
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