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  • What Are The Roles Of Beams In Structural Engineering?

    What Are The Roles Of Beams In Structural Engineering?

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 23 Feb 2023
    Beams are an important part of structure construction. When it comes to structural construction, the viability and the safety of the structure depend on the structural engineer’s hands. A structural engineer uses various columns and beams to support the weight of a structure. No matter what the architectural design is, beams are often used by structural engineers be it in Brisbane or elsewhere to support structures. To understand the role of beams in structural engineering, let’s look at them in a more in-depth manner.
    What are Beams?
    A beam is a horizontal structural element in a building that resists lateral loads applied to the axis of the beam. A beam is a structural member that resists forces applied laterally or transversely to the (beam) axis. Loads acting transverse to the longitudinal axis produce shear forces and bending moments. The lateral load acting on beams is the primary cause of beam bending. They are in charge of moving a load from the slab to the column. The connection between the beam and the column is known as direct support, whereas the connection between the beam and the column is known as indirect support.
    How Beams’ Dimensions Are Calculated?
    When it comes to calculating the dimensions of beams, structural engineers in Brisbane or elsewhere have a process of calculating it. The length and width of the beam are calculated by assessing the amount of load that will be transferred on it to support the width between them. A beam's dimension is determined by calculating the value of internal forces acting on it. The following are some instance of internal forces:
    Normal Forces: In this case, act perpendicular to the surface or object, which is the beam. Normal stress is being applied.
    Shear Forces: They are parallel to the surface of an object and exert shear stress.
    Bending Moment:  is the shearing force at a given point or the slope of the moment diagram.
    Types Of Beam That's Used In Structures:
    Structural engineers in Brisbane or elsewhere use varied materials to support a structure. But the most common material that is used by engineers are-
    Concrete Beams:
    Several types of concrete beams are applied in construction to support structures such as falling beams, inverted beams, hidden beams, cantilever beams and vierendeel beams. 
    Steel Beams
    Some structures are supported well by stronger beam materials such as steel. In Brisbane, it is a structural engineer who makes the call on which material is more suitable to support a beam. The types of beams that are used to reinforce the structure are C-section steel beams, I-section steel beams, T-section steel beams and L-section steel beams.
    These may give you some perspective on the role of beams in structural engineering. Beams are thus used by structural engineers everywhere from Brisbane to the US. All structures depend on columns and beams to support their weight and keep is standing for a long time.
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