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  • What Is Mep Engineering

    What Is Mep Engineering

    By Fernandes & Associates 26 Jul 2022

    MEP engineering stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering. MEP engineering usually commences well before a building is constructed.  It involves planning, designing and management of construction projects. MEP engineers can assist investors with decision making, documentation, construction, administration, building management and building maintenance.  There are consulting engineering firms which deal with each of these specialized engineering services.

    All the design, drafting and documentation of buildings is done by using CAD packages.

    Mechanical engineers deal primarily with HVAC systems.

    Electrical engineers are responsible for designing the electrical systems to power the building.  All equipment in a building require electricity to power them.  The equipment includes air conditioners, lifts, escalators, lighting, security systems, computer systems, data and telecommunications systems to name a few.

    Plumbing involves provision of gas, water, sewerage, stormwater drainage systems, sanitary systems, etc.

    MEP is added to the building at different stages of construction and requires careful planning and implementation.

    The Benefits of MEP Engineering

    Since MEP installations have a high degree of interaction between them, MEP engineering can:

    1. Prevent conflicts in equipment location
    2. Ensures that each of the services are designed and constructed in accordance with building Codes and Standards
    3. Ensure that the services are provided in the correct sequence and in a timely manner
    4. Result in energy savings
    5. Prevent cost overruns
    6. Meet scheduled completion times

    Since all construction projects involve multi-disciplinary teams working on a building at different stages of a project, MEP engineering provides a means of coordinating the activities of the teams and ensuring that the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services are provided in an organized and cost-effective manner eliminating conflicts and clashes between the different teams.  MEP engineering can also ensure that projects are completed within budgeted costs and completion times whilst meeting all the requirements of building and constructions Codes and Standards.

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