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  • What Is Forensic Engineering & When Do You Require Them?

    What Is Forensic Engineering & When Do You Require Them?

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 23 Mar 2023

    Engineering is a broad field of study. It encompasses varied different kinds of scientific applications. Engineers have varied fields of study and thus they have the option to specialise in one particular field. It can be mechanical, electrical, chemical, biotechnology, computer sciences, electronics, structural or any other. A structural engineer is responsible or engaged in all phases of structure development. From the early phase of the structure construction to study to uncover the reasons behind the failure of a structure. All these responsibilities rely on the shoulder of a structural engineer. Let’s look at how structural engineers can help with forensic structural analysis:

    What Is Forensic Structural Analysis?

    The scientific study of determining the causes and risk factors of structural failure is known as forensic structural engineering. It entails analysing your structure and foundation to identify weak points. That way, you can address issues before they become major issues and cause significant damage. A forensic structural engineer provides progressive collapse analysis, in which the team will run tests to determine how your structure will behave under extreme loading conditions. The findings will guide your maintenance efforts and improve the safety of your home or business. Forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane or anywhere else will also educate you on the various environments that can cause damage to your property based on their structure evaluation. Then, advise you on how to correct the flaws. The service of forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane or elsewhere comes quite handy in case of insurance claims and judicial process. 

    Scenarios Wherein You Will Require Service Of Forensic Engineering Services:

    1. Evaluate The Fire Damage To The Property:

    Fire is the most common cause of damage to residential and commercial properties. It spreads quickly and destroys both property and lives. Following a fire, forensic structural engineering and investigative services in Brisbane or anywhere else will be required to evaluate the structure and estimate the amount of reconstruction required. They will identify potential issues with your build and offer solutions.

    2. Understudying Earthquake & Vibration Analysis:

    Forensic engineers assess the structure's risk and vulnerability to strong winds, vibrations or earthquakes. That is useful to know when constructing a new structure. Otherwise, this information can assist you in retrofitting your home after it has been built. As part of the analysis, your engineer will investigate the effects of earthquakes on furniture and hanging objects around the property.

    3. File An Insurance Claim And Build a Strong Defence In Court

    Whenever there’s an accidental structural claim collapse, it is almost a natural response to file for an insurance claim. But to get your insurance money often you need to submit a comprehensive report of the accident that is conducted by a forensic structural engineer. In case the insurance company refuses to reimburse the money, the study conducted by the structural engineer can help form the defence in case of a judicial trial. 

    4. Before Starting a Renovation

    One can protect themselves from potential issues and code violations by using forensic structural engineering services in Brisbane to examine the structure before a redesign. It's a necessary service if you're restoring an older structure. One must be aware of whether the structure stands on a shaky foundation. A forensic structural engineer will identify areas that require reinforcement to ensure that your redesign is physically sound.

    5. In Case Of An Explosion:

    There is a varied structure that stands the risk of explosion from its very inception because of the operations it will be used for in future. A forensic structural engineer’s services are required at the very beginning of building such structures to predict and minimise structural damage in future. The study helps to form an idea regarding the extent to damage that can be caused by a massive explosion and what can be done to reduce its effect. The forensic structural engineer can suggest material changes to structural changes to curb the damage in the worst-case scenario.

    These are some of the hugely important responsibility that is tasked over the shoulders of a forensic structural engineer. Thereby, one can see why forensic structural engineering service is such a potent and important service considered in Brisbane or anywhere else in the globe. The safety and security of our structures hugely rely on the services provided by forensic structural engineers.

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