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  • Why Do You Need To Hire Structural Forensic Engineers

    Why Do You Need To Hire Structural Forensic Engineers

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 04 Feb 2019

    When you choose to construct a commercial property, you must be very careful and will have to ensure that whatever time and money you put in will eventually turn into profit. Unfortunately, you will find several business owners shows negligence and do not arrange the things that are necessary for putting resources to the business property. If you are one of them then you must seek help from structural forensic engineers, they offer mechanical and structural engineering services for your property and will check whether your property is energy renewable or not.

    Determining Building Age

    Older builders are very much riskier compared to younger buildings as because the structural components within gets weakened with age. The roof starts developing leaks and the foundations experience subtle shifts. Hire forensic engineers, they will look into when your building has a seismic refit and can estimate how much wear and tear your building bears so far.

    Analysing Health Of Internal Components

    Commercial buildings come with three major failure points, one is electrical, another one is plumbing and the third one is the HVAC.


    Poor wiring can lead to fatal fires, so it is important you analyse the condition of building’s electrical wiring. Forensic engineers are well aware of the fact which wiring practices and power components pose the highest risks and can give appropriate solutions.


    Water damage from bad plumbing can cause serious damage to your property. Forensic engineers can assess what kind of pipes your building is using and how old they are. Building pipes wear down due to constant water pressure, by using small cameras the forensic engineers can look inside the building’s plumbing and can analyse the plumbing condition.


    Ventilation, heating and air conditioning comes with complex mechanisms that can break down anytime. So it is crucial to consult with forensic engineers. They will give a close look to all renewable energy technologies and will suggest how to take care of them, they will also suggest when these HVAC system needs to replace.

    Conducting Root Cause Failure Analysis

    Your building water-heater may fail at no time and may flood three floors of your building apartment, if this is the case, you will have to know what has actually happened and who is to blame. Surprisingly, with a structural forensic-engineering team, you can resolve all the riddles an accident investigation site creates.

    Offering Expert Witness Testimony

    In some scenarios, you will find some commercial property claims to end up in front of jury and judge. In this case, a forensic engineer can serve as an expert witness who can assist in establishing the root cause of an accident, and this, in turn, can help the jury to decide on an appropriate damage settlement.

    All the above factors illustrate that why it is so crucial to have a structural forensic engineering team. In Brisbane and Queensland, you can find several structural forensic engineers, select the service of the one you feel convenient.

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