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  • Why Structural Engineers Uses Pillars In Structures?

    Why Structural Engineers Uses Pillars In Structures?

    By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd 15 Nov 2023

    To offer building stability, many components are added. The foundation, walls, and pillars all play a part in keeping the structure sturdy and safe for many years to come. You may have seen constructions protected by pillars or columns to ensure their longevity. Not just structural engineers in Brisbane, but structural engineers all around the world, have used pillars in construction for a variety of purposes for years.

    Allow us to explain why pillars are used in construction:

    To Carry The Load Of Structure:

    Pillars are vertical structures that are included within the structure to give the building the ability to carry the load. A Structure is made with bricks, cement, iron bars and more. These ingredients that are used to construct a building have a lot of weight. Additionally, when structural engineers in Brisbane are constructing a tall building with many storeys, they have to take into consideration the weight or load of the building material and the pressure exerted by gravity on the structure. To keep the building standing and inhabitants safe, they include pillars in the structure to give it support to carry the load.

    Design Flexibility:

    The use of pillars is not just for structural strength and stability, but also for aesthetic reasons. The addition of pillars enhances the structure's visual appeal. Several sorts of pillars are added to a project; some are used purely to provide structural support, while others bring the design of the structure to life. Some pillars allow structural engineers in Brisbane or elsewhere to bring the architectural design of the project to life. The incorporation of ornamental pillars to offer stability to the structure and enhance the design typically bridges the gap between architectural design and structural engineering.

    Opening Up Spaces:

    When structural engineers are designing a large room with a lot of space, they must include pillars to support the ceiling. To make the structure stable in a big area, such as a banquet hall, the ceiling or roof must be supported. Pillars can readily be employed to provide the necessary support to the structure's ceiling or roof. As a result, large areas may be opened up.


    Pillars are not only included by structural engineers in Brisbane or around the world for structural soundness. They have been used for a long time in architecture and structural engineering. For reference, you can see ancient Greek and Roman structures. The strong and visually aesthetic pillars not only owe strength to the structure but also a sense of grandeur and symbolism of power. Thereby, pillars also act as symbols. 

    As you may have heard, the term "pillar of strength" refers to persons or items that exhibit significant strength and support. The structure's pillars are crucial in providing the structure with the necessary framework. As a result, structural engineers and architects in Brisbane and throughout the world include them in the construction.

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