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Crane Inspection ServicesCrane Inspection Services

Cranes have to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they continue to be safe to operate.  The Queensland codes of practice require that cranes have to be inspected  at frequent inetervals and after 10 years of service.  The 10 year inspection is a major one. Regular crane inspections are required  is to ensure that the mechanical and structural components of the crane have not been compromised by corrosion, fatigue or overloading.  Weakened or damaged parts are identified and are either replaced or repaired.  We supervise the inspection and repairsand check that all the relevant codes of practice and Australian Standards have been adhered to and the replacement parts and material used are at least as strong as the original ones.  We certifiy that the repairs have been carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and codes of practice before the crane is put back into service.